‘All clean’ boxer Vijender Singh gets back to normal life

Vijender Singh

“The nightmare is over and I’m back to a normal life,” said a relieved Vijender Singh broke his silence on the sensational drug scandal that severely hurt his reputation, insisting that more than a crisis, it was a learning experience that left, stronger and wiser.

Speaking to PTI in an interview, the first after the scandal broke more than two months ago, the Olympic bronze medalist opened up about what happened before receiving a certificate of “all clear” by the National Anti-Doping Agency.

“The nightmare is over for me and I’m back to my normal life.’ve Started training and waiting for the World Championships in October,” said the 27-year-old middleweight boxer, the first Indian be number one in the world in the international ranking.

“I am grateful to the Government of Haryana, the Ministry of Sports, the Indian Olympic Association and the Indian Boxing Federation standing next to me, and because it gave me confidence. Now I’m back to training in the field and nothing can be better then this, “he added.

It has been over two months since Vijender found in dilemma when his name came up in massive drug haul after Punjab police recovered heroin worth around Rs 130 crore, NRI house Anoop Singh Kahlon in Zirakpur .

The presence of a car used by the wife of Vijender Archana near the house raised a media storm and on April 1, the Punjab police said Vijender bought heroin for personal consumption 12 times different from Kahlon.

Vijender denied the charges and was subjected to a drug test that came back negative NOTHING.

The six-foot strip of Haryana said there are lessons to be learned, even in the worst of the crisis and learned from his time in front of the dispute.

“I believe that what God does is done for good, always try to look at life that way. Even in this incident I’m sure God must have thought something good for me,” he said.

“Each incident, good or bad, teaches you something. Also learned some things. I realized who my true friends and who are the hangers. I noticed the difference, because all my good friends formed a circle of support around me, “said Vijender.

“Another lesson is that it will never be friends with someone as casually as I used to be. I’ll never leave my car keys or my cell phone with anyone. I have become wary of people who are very natural given what I through, “the boxer.

“I was in Mumbai when everything exploded. Suddenly I see my car is somewhere, people taking my name and when asked questions about whether he was on medication, it was painful,” he said.

When asked if, even once, felt that his achievements were completely forgotten, while questioning his integrity, Vijender decided to laugh it off.

“Maybe the TV channels I really like, so I kept showing for so long, well, there is a price to pay if you’re famous,” he joked.

In fact, refused to call the greatest crisis of his life, insisting that nothing bad can always be worse.

“I do not think it was the biggest crisis in life, because life is like that only, is unpredictable and am taking positive way.’ve Not lost faith in anything, because I am very optimistic,” he said.

“I always try to see the good in everything and that gives me strength. Even when I missed in the London Olympics, quarter finals, I said ‘do not lose heart, God has his own plans. Actually, life just happens , you have to accept any challenge you face and become stronger, “he said.

We have already lost a couple of trips exposure and not be there for the Asian Championships next month after giving national testing a fault. Vijender, if selected, he will be seen in action only at the World Championships in October.

When asked if he feels intimidated by the scrutiny invited by the scandal, Vijender said, “I’ve never been scared Scrutiny because I had detractors all my life.”

“Even at the peak of my performance, my skills were questioned by a lot of people. Do not mind that and I can not get affected because it’s not my job. My job is to train hard and deliver results in tournaments and that’s the way it always will be for me, because that is the best way to deal with the criticism, “he added.

“My grandmother often said ‘Log unhi Badnaam ko karte hain naam jinka Hota Hai” (evil people who only have a name) and I believe that. My family and my wife stood by me like a rock during this crisis. Archana I married two years ago, life has just begun and there she was, leaning over. ”

Vijender also thanked his fans, saying his adulation formed a crucial part of your support system.

“I am also grateful to my fans, who ignore everything that was said in the media about me. Many messages of support I have from them. Yeah, I was faced with a challenge, but I would say that God is kind that he gave me a system support like this, “he said.

“It’s a closed chapter for me. Just want to concentrate on everything I do in the ring.”

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