Liam Hemsworth once threw a knife at brother Chris’ head

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Hunger Games “star Liam Hemsworth has revealed that in her childhood once picked up a kitchen knife and threw it at his brother, Chris.
During an appearance on the “Graham Norton Show” Liam said he and his older brother used to have enough physical fights, People magazine reported.
We were very similar, very tenacious and often get into arguments and because I was much younger and smaller, I had to use arms to fight, “said 26-year-old Liam, joking that their rivalry childhood was a little vicious, something like “The Hunger Games”.
“One day when I was about five years had a fight in the kitchen on using the toaster or something, and I grabbed a kitchen knife and threw it at the head and handle hit him in the forehead” Liam said.
“It could have beaten the other extreme, if I wanted to. It was just a warning shot!”
Liam and his older brothers Chris, 32, and Luke, 35, grew up in Melbourne. His family moved to Phillip Island Victoria when Liam was in high school.

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