Ramayana and Mahabharata can be executed for international audience: Anil Kapoor

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Anil Kapoor speaks to rule the television space, working with castmates, filming experience among other things in the world premiere television reception after Saturday May 28 at 8 pm the Zee Cine.
Q. Despite making a variety of films, which have been more successful in comedy? What do you think comedy comes easy for you?
Anil Kapoor: Other genres of films have also been successful, but I think the public has been very grateful for comedy and commercial films.
Possibly in the face. In my studies years also, I remember, my teacher called me a savage. So I guess, it is how I see. My papers appear taporis
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work the best.
Q. What are your expectations for the television premiere ‘Welcome Back’ POST success at the box office?
Anil Kapoor: For starters, both of Welcome guess I worked in the first place due to the fact that artists were family. They had their goal
audience instead. People loved the first welcome and it worked even better on television. I know people who have seen 30-40 times on television and
Still keep doing it. Hopefully it will also serve the expectations of the audience.

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